Headshot for Leah Partier

HRI Hospitality Executive

Leah Partier

Talent Acquisition Manager

Happy hotel guests start with great employees. As talent acquisition manager for HRI Hospitality, HRI Properties, and MetWest Terra Hospitality, Leah Partier has a deep understanding of how to match the right person with the right position. While she’s a graduate of the hospitality management program at University of Nevada Las Vegas, her experience across a broad range of industries has been crucial to developing her expertise in talent acquisition. This includes stints at notable names in healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and retail: Parkland Hospital in Dallas, PepsiCo, and JCPenny. She returned to the world of hospitality management at a real estate investment trust in Dallas before joining HRI. With over 10 years of experience in talent management, she helps shape HRI’s culture and its future.



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