Case Study: HRI Communities

Bienville Basin

HRI Communities completed the multi-phased redevelopment of the Iberville site — built in 1942 and located adjacent to New Orleans’ famous French Quarter — in March 2019. The redevelopment included the reintroduction of the street grid and construction of new utilities and public rights-of-way throughout the site in addition to 682 mixed-income units offering onsite parking, fitness centers, community spaces, a Dell computer technology center, neighborhood parks and other programmed outdoor recreation areas.

Historic Renovation of Iberville Onsite Redevelopment

Choice Neighborhoods Initiative 

The transformation of Iberville into the Bienville Basin Community was part of a Choice Neighborhoods Initiative grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to the City of New Orleans and the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) to aid in revitalizing distressed neighborhoods with public and assisted housing into viable and sustainable mixed-income communities.

Investment in the Iberville redevelopment has holistically transformed the surrounding neighborhood:

  • $913 Million in Housing
  • $2.95 Billion in Healthcare
  • $441.3 Million in Community Amenities
  • $104 Million in Education

Sustaining a public/private partnership spanning across seven years, the coordinated efforts of the State of Louisiana, HANO, the City, and HRI Communities have produced lauded developments advancing the CNI mission and accomplishing HUD’s envisioned community transformation once viewed as an aspirational goal. To date, CNI housing developments completed by HRI Communities have produced 923 mixed income housing units, of which 500 are CNI Replacement Units counted towards the HUD-mandated 821 Iberville Public Housing Replacement Units. Total funding value deployed by HRI Communities of $296 million.

CNI Projects by HRI Communities:

  • Iberville Onsite Redevelopment (682 Units, 304 R.U.)
  • Rosa F. Keller (60 Units, 15 R.U.)
  • Marais Apartments (112 Units, 112 R.U.)
  • 1508 Orleans (36 Units, 36 R.U.)
  • 1601 Orleans (34 Units, 34 R.U.)
Aerial with highlights of completed Bienville Basin and nearby HRI Choice Neighborhood projects

Demonstrating its commitment to fostering inclusive contracting and hiring structures, HRI Communities continuously seeks to maximize the meaningful participation of DBE/WBE/Section 3 entities in all its projects. In doing so with the Iberville onsite redevelopment, HRI’s CNI development efforts have yielded impressive results including the hiring of 325 Section 3 individuals, certified career training provided for 181 Section 3 individuals, and approximately $52 million in contract value awarded to DBE/WBE/Section 3 businesses and partnerships.

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