HRI Management

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, HRI Properties (HRI) is a full-service real estate development company and a national leader in the adaptive reuse of historic structures. HRI’s mission is:

Revitalizing Cities by Creating Diverse, Vibrant and Sustainable Communities

"The appeal of traditional downtowns – and the defining characteristic that sets those that are successful apart from their suburban competitors – is largely based on what can be summarized as walkable urbanity."

"Fostering such walkable urbanity is the key to the revival of any struggling downtown. But doing so can be a challenging process, requiring the development of a complex mix of retail boutiques, hotels, grocery stores, housing, offices, artists’ studios, restaurants, and entertainment venues. A critical mass of these pedestrian-scale uses must be established as quickly as possible, before the initial revitalization efforts stall for lack of support. This means making certain that visitors can find enough to do for 4 to 6 hours; that residents’ daily needs can be comfortably met; and that rents and sales prices continue to justify new construction or renovation."

"Ultimately reaching critical mass means that the redevelopment process is unstoppable and cannot be reversed. At that point, an upward spiral begins to create a "buzz," increases the number of people on the streets, raises land and property values, and creates more business opportunity which means more activity and people on the street, and so on. Simply put, in a viable downtown, more is better."

The Brookings Institution, Research Brief, March 2005

HRI Properties acts as the lead developer in public-private partnership to create the critical mass sufficient to assure that the redevelopment opportunity in urban neighborhoods is unstoppable. Two prominent examples of HRI Properties pioneering neighborhood development include the Warehouse District in New Orleans and the Historic Post Office District in St. Louis. HRI’s work includes projects located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Houma, New Iberia, Shreveport and Hammond, Louisiana; Fort Worth and Houston, Texas; Winston Salem, North Carolina; Omaha, Nebraska; St. Louis, Missouri; Jackson, Mississippi; and Richmond, Virginia.